VIR2US, visionary, and pioneer in Cybersecurity solutions

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By realizing aging computer designs were not created for today's cyber connected world, VIR2US has a created an innovative and fundamental change in the way computing resources were managed would be essential.  The result is a patented secure computing platform that makes endpoint computing  immune to both known and unknown cyber-borne threats

Legacy above-the-OS solutions (top-down) are quickly bypassed by low-level exploits in the kernel and bios.  Legacy antivirus and even more recent list-based solutions simply cannot keep pace with the quickly evolving cyber-threat landscape, and add significant latency and overhead to networks and computing resources.

VIR2US, leading Cybersecurity industry by leaps and bounds

VIR2US, Thinking Differently about Secure Computing

Vir2us is a California based team of visionary thought leaders and technology solutions architects that have invented and patented some of the most widely adopted secure computing technologies in use today.  There is hardly a company in the computer manufacturing and secure computing industry that does not employ Vir2us technologies.