With visibility into virtual networking NetOps teams can extend its reach all the way to the application edge – minimizing the risk of unanticipated application downtime and assuring business continuity.

Omnipliance VIRTUAL:   Full Savvius stack for use in virtual environments.

Monitoring End-User Experience

In a Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) machine-to-machine east-west communication and micro-segmentation keeps most of the traffic within the virtual infrastructure. Application and database related issues are hard to investigate when the root-cause lies within east-west traffic. This prolongs the application down-time and drives the business risk up. Omnipliance Virtual runs as a VM and provides real-time monitoring, packet retention, and analysis of virtual network traffic for complete east-west visibility. With Omnipliance Virtual, infrastructure blind spots are eliminated, increasing visibility to 20/20 – assuring business continuity and customer satisfaction.

Removing Data Center Blind-Spots

Gaining visibility into both east-west and north-south, is the only way to reveal the true end-user experience. Omnipliance Virtual enables enterprises and service providers to detect potential issues before end-users complain, reducing IT trouble-tickets and saving resources.

Omnipliance Virtual Eco-System

Omnipliance Virtual can help monitor critical VNF subsystems in a service-chain and report on performance thresholds set ahead of time. Critical NFV machines can be monitored on individual basis or collectively, performance metrics such as latency and quality help provide insights into end-user experience.

Enabling Network Function Virtualization

Monitoring Branch Networks

Omnipliance Virtual provides real-time monitoring of critical WAN traffic such as enterprise backbone, internet connectivity, and data center interconnect. Omnipliance Virtual measures and reports application latency, network latency, TCP and VoIP traffic quality over the WAN. Additionally, Omnipliance Virtual can capture network packet data for root-cause-analysis and service-level-agreement (SLA) resolution. Since WAN bandwidth is expensive, Omnipliance Virtual can be used to profile the traffic for capacity planning and augment WAN optimization solutions.

Omnipliance Virtual

The full Savvius stack used to gain visibility into both east-west and north-south traffic in virtual environments. Use the spotlight dashboards to monitor what matters to you in true real-time while simultaneously capturing packet data for forensic analysis with Omnipeek.

Digital transformation initiatives mean more applications, NFV, and digital data-at-rest and in motion. Omnipliance Virtual provides full visibility to enable NetOps teams to find and fix problems before they become digital transformation roadblocks.

Expediting Digital Transformation

Assuring 24x7x365 Business Continuity

A KEY GOAL OF OURS IS TO PARTNER WITH THE LEADING network and security vendors to provide our joint customers with a complete solution that integrates seamlessly and delivers on the promise of efficient security investigations and high performance networks.
Omnipliance Virtual integrates with:

  • Gigamon (GigaVUE-VM vTAP)
  • Ixia (CloudLens Private)
  • APCON (IntellaTap-VM)