Field Termination Connection Solution for industrial connectivity applications

STX M12x1: Leading Industrial Ethernet Connectivity! Horizontal Cabling

  • Category 6A (550 MHz)
  • Real-Time Direct Fixture
  • suitable for 100 / 250 / 500  MHz installation and patch cables
  • D-Coded & X-Coded Varieties
  • Plug Interface CDV according to IEC 61076-2-1
  • Connection of 4-pair shielded/unshielded installation and patch cables from AWG27-22
  • Full metal 360° shielded contact
  • Robust Zinc die cast housing
  • Suitable for PoE+
  • Temperature range from -40° C to + 85° C
  • IP-67 rating

The M12 has long proven itself to be a robust and compact connector with screw lock, becoming a dominant connector for applications in the industrial environment. Originally designed for connecting sensors to factory automation devices, it has become the universal connector for applications in harsh environments due to its various styles and coding options. The STX M12x1 is the optimal choice for industrial communication networks according to IEC 61918 Ed 3.0, for machine building and plant construction, in industrial manufacturing, in automotive and in food processing. It can be found on cameras in manufacturing and surveillance applications as well as in passenger information systems.