​Once again Telegärtner are at the forefront of structured cabling technology has designed and developed Intelligence for the Data Network physical layer. "Owl" is the Telegartner solution for planning and documentation of changes in IT Cabling. With "Owl" system network administrators can plan, monitor and fully document changes in physical layer infrastructure without any errors. "Owl" is equipped with hardware components as well as software necessary for monitoring, and signalling faults in IT cabling and for controlling changes in the building infrastructure.

Some of the connection module's performance characteristics are as follows:
Retrofittable in existing systems at any time.
Utilization of non contact RFID technology
Document changes in real time
Insure work order plans are executed correctly
Reduce running cost in relation to documentation
Improve network security and visibility

The "Owl" application platform will allow users to plan future changes in advance, monitor in real time during execution, and document reliably and premanently.

"Owl" can incorporate distributed linked locations.  The patch management system allows advance planning of office moves, addition of workplaces, etc.  The "Owl" system administrator will show the status of each panel and cabinet from its central comment platform.

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Intelligent Patch Management System