Omnipliance WiFi provides 24x7 visibility across all Wireless LAN under management. Install Omnipliance WiFi near WLAN controllers and capture traffic from 802.11ac access points installed as part of your WLAN rollout.  Until now, network engineers have needed to travel to any WLAN requiring attention–regardless of whether that
WLAN was on the next floor, in the next building, or in the next town. Omnipliance WiFi enables network engineers to monitor WLANs remotely from any networked location.  Real-time remote analysis enables IT departments to respond more quickly to WLAN issues. They can instantly begin capturing and analyzing traffic and reduce Mean TimeTo Resolution (MTTR) without costly labor expenses.

Omnipliance - WiFi:   The Only WLAN Analysis and Recorder Appliance for Multi-Gigabit 802.11ac Networks

  • The first and only solution to capture and store wireless data at multi-Gbps speeds
  • Only wireless  appliance, allowing complete recording of days of WLAN traffic for analysis
  • only device capable of analyzing 802.11ac WLAN as it happens, anywhere on the network
  • Only dedicated WLAN analysis appliance able to capture data directly from multiple deployed access points (APs)
  • Capable of storing and analyzing data from any supported AP – no limits on spatial streams, optional features, technologies (a/b/g/n/ac)
  • Most comprehensive WiFi analysis with multi-channel analysis, roaming analysis, voice over wireless (VoFi) analysis, rogue detection and expert event alerts
  • and much more