OmniPeek Enterprise supports local captures from multiple interfaces and connections to an unlimited number of distributed Omnipliance appliances. It also supports data collection from any network topology, including 10 Gigabit and Gigabit networks, and local matrix switches. OmniPeek Enterprise also provides advanced Voice and Video over IP functionality, including signaling and media analyses of voice and video, VoIP playback, voice and video network analysis, Visual Expert, and more. OmniPeek Enterprise is ideal for IT organizations responsible for network analysis and network service level agreements (SLAs) for the entire organization. A license of OmniPeek Enterprise should be considered for each location supported by a network engineer.

Omnipeek Wired and wireless Network Analyzer:

For a new approach in network monitoring & application performance analysis

All Locations, All Protocols

  • Packet Capture
  • Application Performance analysis
  • Standardized plug interface
  • Peer Map
  • Local capture, multiple capture, using multiple adapters
  • TCP Dump
  • Full filter and alarms
  • Wireless packet capture
  • MPLS and VLAN support
  • Expert flow analysis
  • Roaming
  • Statistical analysis
  • Local file analysis
  • and much more