Monitor, Analyze and troubleshoot Networks Effectively

Integrated Network monitoring System

  • Auto discovery
  • Event management
  • Apache, DNS & Page Monitoring
  • Agentless
  • Cross platform Monitoring, (Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, BSD)
  • SNMP V1/V2/V3
  • Netflow (V5 & V9), netStream, CFlow, AppFlow and rFlow
  • VMware support (ESX/ESXi V4/V5)
  • Apache Web Server monitoring
  • Predefined monitoring packs for MS SQL and Exchange
  • Monitoring of over 60 network services, such as Ping, HTTP, SSH, FTP,...)
  • Very easy to install and configure
  • Expandable for monitoring bigger networks
  • Full fault alarming via sms, or E-mail
  • Policy and availability monitoring

Over 15 years in the making, NetCrunch maintains its reputation as the easiest to use, SMB Network Monitoring, analysis and trouble shooting solution.

The features that distinguish NetCrunch from other solutions are its agent-less capabilities and the powerful, customizable dashboard with real- time network views.

NetCrunch will lets you plan monitor the network according to your performance and capacity requirements—taking into consideration all the parameters most critical for your network, and includes but not limited to over 65 network services such as, DHCP, Active Directory, CIFS/SMB, SQL, ...