The first and only enterprise-grade Wi-Fi site survey and troubleshooting tool for Android

Wi-Fi toolkit for Android Phones and Tablets

  • Site Surveys​
    Perform 802.11abgn* walk-through, map-based site surveys. Never before has surveying been so light, so quick, so easy.
  • Coverage Analysis Heatmaps and Access Point Status​
    ​Visualize network signal coverage, on a map, with vivid colors.
  • Network Status​
    Shows whether your network works based on signal strength, data rate, packet loss, packet delay, nearest rouge, SSID and associated MAC
  • Network Details
    Provides additional information about your current Wi-Fi network connection such as SSID, IP, and MAC Details
  • Access Point List​
    ​​Displays the audible access points, and hihglights the associated AP
  • Background Monitoring​
    Allows you to leave Mobile Survey monitoring your network as your go on with your daily tasks
  • And Much More...

Targeted for IT administrators and Wi-Fi engineers, Ekahau Mobile Survey serves ,  to perform map-based site surveys and visualize network coverage, Troubleshoot the network on the spot, and continuously monitor the network.

Your Wi-Fi needs to work with phones and tablets. Measure using one. As a general rule, laptops have better Wi-Fi antennas than smaller-sized phones and tablets. Ekahau Mobile Survey allows tablet or phone based walk-through surveys. 100% mobile. 100% professional.