Fully shielded Field Termination RJ-45 Plug

MFP8 Cat.6A: For new freedom in structured cabling Horizontal Cabling

  • Long release latch
    Insertion and withdrawal made easy in confined spaces
  • Pre-assembled protection cap
    Effective protection of contacts from dust and damage in transit
  • Standardized plug interface
    ​Conforming to EN 60603-7-51
  • 360° shielding
    ​Secure data transmission even with outside electrical interference
  • Piercing contacts
    ​Suitable for conductor cross-sections AWG 27/7 – 22/7; AWG 24/1 – 22/1; AWG 26/19 - 24/19*
  • Four-chamber wire manager
    ​Available with colour code T568A, T568B or PROFINET
  • Cat.6A
    ​acc. to ISO/IEC 11801:2010

The MFP8 Cat.6A is the RJ45 plug for time-saving and efficient on-site assembly for all networks, from Voice right through to 10 Gigabit Ethernet. It can be assembled on all standard types of cable in just 60 seconds – and no special tools are required. Whether in the office, data centers, in industry or in home networks – the MFP8 Cat.6A offers unprecedented flexibility and saves time and money on installation, repairs and maintenance.