How often is Wi-Fi down or slow? When it fails, how severely does it impact business? There is a real cost to bad Wi-Fi.

Bad Wi-Fi is no longer just an inconvenience. It can lead to an unproductive work environment, loss in revenue, as well as expensive and ongoing remediation.
Join this webinar to learn what happens when Wi-Fi is not designed properly and tips on how to avoid these costly mistakes.


  • Bad Wi-Fi and its impact on business
  • The true cost of bad Wi-Fi
  • Tips to avoid bad Wi-Fi

Webinar date & time:

                   Thursday, January 17, 2019 
                   12:00 - 12:45 PM EST


  • Jerry Olla, Product Manager, Ekahau, @jolla

  • Joel Crane, Training and Enablement Manager, Ekahau - ECSE, CWNE #233. @Potato_Fi

Webinar:The REAL Cost of Bad Wi-Fi