AdremSoft, understands Network Management

NetCrunch, agentless, cross platform, powerful

NetCrunch, Ideal Integrated Monitoring System

NetCrunch is developed based on agentless, cross-platform network monitoring concept.  The appication monitors various network services, Windows applications; Windows, Linux, NetWare, BSD, Mac OS X systems and SNMP (v1-3) devices without agents. Centralizes fault management function is achieved through collecting and alerting on events from sources including Windows Event Log, syslogs, and SNMP traps; presents physical and logical network topology as automatically updated dynamic graphical views.

Since it's establishment in 1998, AdremSoft with over 15 years experience, technological advancements, and breakthrough has gained the trust of thousands of customers across the world. The NetCrunch application by AdremSoft allows IT administrators, and Network Managers, to effectively monitor, and analyze network performance, and problems across the enterprise, thus reducing down time and increasing network owner ROI.

AdRem Software designs, develops, and produces sophisticated, yet cost effective Intelligent Network and Systems Management applications for SMBs and organizations.  The application is designed with low network overhead, and provides automatic insights to Network related issues, and generates alerts when anomalies occur in the network.